This tour intinerary was developed to provide the best opportunities to see Zimbabwe's Mashonaland Plateau, which include Harare's wetlands and Miombo Woodlands and Eastern Highlands specials.

An extension to the tour included a visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls to see Southern Africa's third ever recorded Pied Wheatear. The general birding plan included four days allocated to the wetlands and miombo woodland around Harare and five days in the Eastern Highlands District. This plan offered the best opportunity of seeing as many of the target species as possible of  which 80% where seen and photographed.

Highlights included excellent views of the following species: Boulder Chat, Swynnerton's Robin, Spotted Creeper, Red-faced Crimsonwing, Moustached Grass Warbler, Red-winged Warbler, Robert's Warbler, Cinamon-breasted Tit, Copper Sunbird, Bronzy Sunbird, Western Violet-backed Sunbird, Short-winged and Singing Cisticola, Anchieta's Tchagra, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, Green-backed Woodpecker, Red-throated Twinspot, Chirinda Apalis, Orange-winged Pytilia, Broad-tailed Paradise Wydah, Cabanis's Bunting, Whyte's Barbet, Miombo Rock Thrush, Miombo Tit, Tree Pipit, Wood Pipit and Southern Africa's 25th record of Eurasian Blackcap. Streaky-breasted Flufftail where pinpointed on nine occasions, but i was unable to obtain views of any.

I was also hoping to see some of the Mozambique specials which at times frequent parts of the Eastern Highlands. Such species include Lesser Seedcracker and Long-tailed Barred Cuckoo and one this occasion, i did not see them. My biggest "dip" despite a fair effort was missing Pallid Honeyguide. 

Overall, brilliant birds where seen and safe trip with no issues, other that slow travel time on the main roads due to the very frequent stops my local traffic officials along the way. Was it worth it, absolutely, so join me next year to see these amazing birds and more. I have two week long slots from the 15th of January to the 15th of February 2018, where i will take two groups on a similar tour. If you've not birded Zimbabwe, you can expect many new birds. If you would like to join me, please email me to register your interest at: or call or text me on mobile number: +27 60 983 8513 (South Africa). It will be alot of fun!


Yellow manteled Widow 

Yellow-mantled Widowbird, a commonly encountered species in Zimbabwe's central wetlands

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